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At the heart of every movement, you’ll find a heartbeat; certain ideas that cannot be compromised. We believe strongly in the ethos of the new economy, that collaborative consumption, knowledge sharing, and a community approach is the future of business. As we build The Grove, we keep these values at the center of our vision.


We value the individual’s unique voice, and believe that offering that voice to the whole creates a matchless collective environment and aids others in attaining a dream.

Peer Production

We value peer-to-peer models of organizing movements that are self-organized to incubate initiatives, create knowledge, and provide shared experiences.


We desire to create space for collective knowledge and horizontal networks that ignite talent, ingenuity, and intelligence.


We value commitment to join others in journeying towards achieving a dream.


We value an environment in which relational sharing creates fast, fluid and innovative initiatives.


We value the discovery and accumulation of knowledge through a communal learning process that enables one to grow and contribute to a forum of ideas filled with highly skilled talent and information.


We value the power of creating collectively and discovering new dreams and ideas that could not have been discovered alone.


We value creating space to imagine and giving time for ideas to grow and mature, ending the cycle of aborted dreams and lost ideas.

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