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The Grove, Dallas is proud to announce its inaugural “Impact Collective North Texas,” a hands-on, working cohort focused on addressing systemic social issues in North Texas. We aim to unite people who want to do good with the people who need help doing it.

There is no shortage of people in our community who wish to do good.  However, a collaborative event where social entrepreneurs can develop and refine solutions to social issues is needed.  As such, The Grove plans to offer itself as a place for new ideas to gain traction and a place where connections to resources required to scale are readily available.

Food Desert Issue

Our first gathering will focus on food deserts.  In this “by invitation” meeting, each participant will leave responsible for accomplishing a specific task that helps the group generate momentum.  The plan is to create three to five short-term projects (able to be accomplished in 30 days) and one or two long-term solutions (nonprofits or social enterprises) that ultimately address South Dallas’ “food desert” situation (this can translate to a solution for any area considered a “food desert,” however).

The Food Desert cohort will consist of four groups:

  1. Experts and individuals impacted by the issue;
  2. Representatives from existing organizations or companies looking to improve their capacity for impact;
  3. Individuals with new ideas or very early stage ventures looking to accelerate the process of launching;
  4. Individuals looking for opportunities to help, assist and contribute to bringing the solutions to life.  

These groups will commit to attending three meetings over the course of 90 days to offer accountability and further assistance from the cohort.

You can read more about Impact Collective North Texas here.



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