Thoughtfully Designed

14,000 square feet of thoughtfully designed space. Hosted to maximize your productivity, expand your network, and grow your brand. 1,600 square feet of open coworking space, 18 private offices, 8 meeting rooms, 2 shared kitchens, and more.

Technology & Tools

It’s important to have the right technology and tools to get the job done. We’ve got high speed wifi, print/copy, projector, white boards, resource library, and all most anything else you might need to get your idea to the next level.

Collaborative Ecology

At The Grove you’ll find individuals who value collaboration and knowledge sharing. Collaboration helps us reach beyond our current sphere to expand our impact. It’s this type of ecology that drives new initiatives and high growth.

Diverse Community

Our diverse community is the real soul of The Grove. From culinary education to mobile apps, from online marketing to community organizing, there is no other place you will find this type of diverse, interesting, and thoughtful community. We welcome you to join.

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